Thoughts on AWS GuardDuty

I recently deployed AWS GuardDuty for a client and wanted to share some thoughts on the services at a high level. If unfamiliar, GuardDuty is a┬ámanaged threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behavior by evaluating VPC Flow Logs, CloudTrail and DNS Logs (if using AWS DNS). The Good A single click … Continue reading Thoughts on AWS GuardDuty

Creating Local Accounts in Powershell

Ok, creating a user account with Powershell- what's interesting about this? Well, let's take a look: It's noteworthy to point-out that you need to convert the password to a secure string. Otherwise, you'll end up with a error like this: A secure string is required for a password creation. If you're creating the account interactively, … Continue reading Creating Local Accounts in Powershell