Adding Alternate Computer Names to Windows Servers

Let’s say you’re doing a file server migration from one server to another and users have a bunch of desktop shortcuts mapped by UNC path.  Perhaps this server holds files for a client application that has a bunch of UNC paths mapped within it.

It’s a real pain to hunt for each shortcut and edit each application to correct the UNC path as the server name changes.

One way of getting around this issue is to add the DNS name of the old server to the new server using NETDOM COMPUTERNAME

This is well documented here, but I will quote below.

…if the domain in the scenario example is contoso.local and the full FQDN for the [new] file server was CFILE.contoso.local, you could add the other names with:

NETDOM COMPUTERNAME cfile /ADD file1.contoso.local
IPCONFIG /registerdns

The last command makes sure the alternate names are properly registered with your DNS server, where other computers in the domain will find it. To check all the names of the computer, primary and alternate, you can use the command:


Note- this does imply that you’re planning to decommission the old server at cutover. Depending on what other roles may be held, this may not be an option.

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