Thoughts on Duo 2FA


After hearing rave review from a colleague, I finally got an opportunity to deploy Duo 2FA.

First thoughts- wow, it’s fast.  With the app, you receive the push so quickly. Clicking the green check gets you in almost instantaneously.  It’s a 2FA that won’t make users groan (well….most users).

And the thing is…for my deployment, it was very simple to deploy. Priced at $3/user/mo (min 10 users) the benefits dwarf the cost for small deployments.

Let’s say you have a service account that needs to bypass 2FA- this isn’t a problem.

But the downside, which I acknowledge is a mild gripe, is that it appears there’s no way around incurring cost for paying for the “user” since it has to be listed in the console. ( I mean, I suppose you could maybe set the default policy to bypass 2FA and not list the service account in the console, but that’s leaning away from security the environment…undermining the additional security a 2FA solution…and I am not a fan of that.)

All that aside, I’m psyched about Duo 2FA and would love to deploy it more.

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