Stretching a disk in Azure

A while back I covered Stretching a disk in AWS EC2.  Let’s take a look at how it’s done in Azure (Spoiler: it’s also quite simple).

For our example, we’ll be increasing the size of a Server 2016 OS managed disk from 30GB to 40GB.



First, we’ll need to stop the VM. Now, AWS currently supports increasing volumes on the fly- Azure does not…so as things currently stand, you need to schedule downtime.


Once it’s fully stopped, we’re able to edit the Size field on the Disk > Overview tab.


We’ll set the value to 40GB.


Now, we can start the VM back up.



In diskmgmt.msc, we can see the additional, unallocated 10GB.


After extending the volume, it is available in the OS.


That’s it! Again, this is very simple. Now, I’d expect that we’ll eventually see the option to extend the volume while the VM is running, as it is a feature in Hyper-V.  For now, we’ll have to shut down to get volumes extended.

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