Setting up a VPN between Azure and on-prem SonicWall

I needed to setup a VPN between an on-prem SonicWall and Azure, but found the documentation on here a bit dated.

Here’s some updated documentation for how to configure the tunnel to supplement the link above.

Let’s setup the Azure side first:

  1. Setup a Virtual Network.  If you don’t already have a virtual network setup, you’ll need to start there. I recommend setting up at least a /16 for the virtual network, then setup /24 subnets within the virtual network as needed.1.png
  2. Setup a Virtual Network Gateway.  Next, we’ll setup a virtual network gateway attached to the Virtual Network created in Step 1.  This step will also require the creation of a Virtual Network Gateway IP.2.png
  3. Create a Local Network Gateway.  This step defines the public IP address of your SonicWall and corresponding LAN subnet(s).3.png
  4. Within the Local Network Gateway, create a Connection.4.png5.png

Now to the on the on-prem side:

  1. Create a tunnel IPSec VPN6.png7.png8.png
  2. You’ll need to create an Address Object, @AzureNetwork, Zone=VPN, Type=Network. Use the network and subnet of your private IP scheme in Azure. (not pictured).
  3. Create a route9.png
  4. At this point, your VPN should be up!


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