Moving DHCP from Server 2012 R2 to another 2012 R2 Server

A very simple process…

  1. Logon to the server currently running DHCP. It’s ok to leave DHCP running during this process.
  2. In Powershell, running as administrator: Export-DhcpServer -File C:\DHCPdata.xml -Leases -Force -ComputerName –Verbose
  3. On the server to be running DHCP, make sure the role is installed and the service is started
  4. Import-DhcpServer -File C:\DHCPdata.xml -BackupPath C:\DHCP\ -Leases -ScopeOverwrite -Force -ComputerName –Verbose
  5. Restart the DHCP service. At this point, everything should be transferred over.
  6. Deauthorize the old DHCP server and stop the DHCP service on the old server.

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