Using WinSCP to move Linux File Shares to Windows

I recently had a project that involved moving files off a Turnkey Linux NAS to a Windows Server- about a TB or so.

My first approach was to connect to the Linux NAS shares from the Windows Server via Windows Explorer. Then, I planned to map the drives and use robocopy to copy and periodically mirror changes until the cut-over.

However, home directories were setup to only allow the authenticated user to browse their own home directory. Other users’ home directories could not be browsed. So, robocopy proved not to be the best fit.

I could browse the home directories just fine via SSH.

I’d previously used WinSCP to move files back and forth from VMWare hosts, so I reviewed the capabilities and I found the Synchronize feature would be a good fit and that it’s commonly used for such tasks.

It even offers a Preview changes option. This was useful in two ways:

  1. It allowed me to confirm that I was syching the right direction (local vs remote).
  2. I was able to actually review how the files were changing periodically and actually determined that there was an application logging to the NAS that I was unaware of and that it would need to be updated at the time of the cut-over.

For more info about the modes and options for WinSCP Synchronization, check out the following link:



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