Methods for migrating VMs to a new host without shared storage. Part 3: DoubleTake Move

Welcome to Part 3 of Methods for migrating VMs to a new host without shared storage.  If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 2, you may want to go back and review those as well.

Now, on to a particularly interesting method, DoubleTake Move.

From here:

DoubleTake Move migrates server workloads over any distance using patented, byte-level replication technology. It enables easy, automated migration of data, applications, and entire servers between different OS versions, hypervisors, and cloud platforms.

This video below goes through a DoubleTake Migration to get a better idea of the steps in this process.


So when would you use this DoubleTake over other methods?

  • When downtime must be minimal
  • Extremely large servers
  • Moving servers between sites (yes, it can work over VPN, WAN)
  • Moving between hosted environments, or on-prem to cloud

I’ve successfully moved Exchange, RDS, MS SQL servers, and application servers all with little to no issue.

As with everything, there are restrictions.  You shouldn’t do domain controllers, generally.  However, an SBS server acting as a single DC in the environment was supported the last time I checked.  There are other restrictions for special scenarios, cluster members, etc. So, I would review the restrictions before planning into your project. Here’s a link to the latest documentation I can find.  However, it appears the product has been bought by Carbonite, so it may make sense to review their documentation as well.

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